NSW State Records Retrieval Service

I currently visit the NSW State Records once a month and offer the following services:


Index number provided- $5.00
Index number search – $10.00
Copy of the record $0.60 per page (can be delivered either electronically or by post)


$25.00 per hour
If you would like a copy of the record, the standard retrieval cost of $0.60 per page applies (can be delivered electronically or by post)


Perhaps you don’t want the full record, or you’re unsure if it’s the person you’re looking for.  I can look at the record for you and verify the information you’re after.

Index number provided – $10.00
Index number search – $15.00


*please note all prices are in Australian dollars and extra charges will apply for postage.

**I request a $10 deposit up front which will be taken off your invoice when the job is completed. Final payment is requested prior to delivery of document.