US, Life Saving Medals Awarded, 1876-1944

Non-Traditional Record Set

Added: 16 November 2016
Website:  Ancestry

About the collection:

The US, Life Saving Medals Awarded, 1876-1944 consists of registers that were used to record the awarding of Life-Saving Medals. There were two classes of lifesaving medals awarded, the First Class, or Gold, which was confined to cases of ‘extreme and heroic daring,’ and the Second Class, or Silver, which was for ‘not sufficiently distinguished to deserve the medal of the First Class.’

What information can you expect to find:

  • Name of applicant
  • Place of residence
  • Award inscription
  • Nature of service performed
  • Date of service
  • Date of application
  • Date of referral to commission
  • Date of commission report
  • Date of award
  • Nature of award (first or second-class OR gold or silver)
  • Date medal ordered (or other details)
  • Date medal sent (or other details)

Source Information: U.S., Life Saving Medals Awarded, 1876-1944 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.

Original data:Record of Life Saving Medals Awarded, 1876-1944. NARA microform publication M2136. 1 Roll. NAI: 2217630. Records of the U.S. Coast Guard, 1785-2005, Record Group 26. The National Archives at Washington, D.C.



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