ProGen 26 – It’s Over!

Last week saw me submit my final assignment for the ProGen Study Group, a family narrative that I wrote about my Great Grandfather, William Ernest LATHAM (1900-1961) and his family.

This week, I’ll submit my feedback to my fellow student colleagues and then we’ll have a last chat session early Sunday morning, my time and then we’re off to continue our Genealogical careers.

I can’t recommend ProGen highly enough.  It’s been an amazing ride watching my fellow classmates grow and start fulfilling their career goals.  We all were so nervous starting out 18 months ago and now we’ve all gained confidence and skills that we wouldn’t have without the intensive environment ProGen provides.  But it’s not only confidence and skills that you gain.  ProGen provides a supportive environment to receive constructive feedback on your assignments as well as people on a similar journey to offer new ideas, support and a cheer squad when you succeed.

I can’t say it’s been easy.  There’s been assignments to submit every month, some more labour intensive than others.  But it has been well worth it and I know personally that my own skills have improved throughout the past 18 months.  We’ve seen students sadly leave during the program and I’m yet to see how many of us are left from the nearly 30 that started on this journey.

If you’re serious about a Genealogy career, no matter where you’re based in the world, I highly recommend the ProGen study course.

Even though it feels amazing to know I don’t have an assignment due every month, I will also miss the friends that I have made and our monthly chats and hope to keep in touch and watch all of them excel in their careers.

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4 Responses to ProGen 26 – It’s Over!

  1. GeniAus says:

    Congratulations Tiphanee – you have more stamina than I.

    • Thanks Jill 🙂 It was fantastic but I must say, it was tough. Assignments due every month and feedback to be provided to my peers in my group. In saying that though, I feel like I have learnt a lot.

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