The Convict Trail – Great North Road Walk

I was really lucky to take a walk along part of what is known as The Convict Trail this week with the Archivist from the Society of Australian Genealogists, Ralph Hawkins.

The Convict Trail or The Great North Road in its entirety is a 240km convict-built road which was constructed between 1826 and 1836.  It was undertaken after Major Thomas Mitchell, Surveyor-General of the NSW Colony had the idea of building an inland route from Sydney to Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

It still remains one of the most impressive and pioneering engineering feats of Australia’s convict history.

If you want to undertake this part of the walk head out to Wisemans Ferry and catch the ferry across to the site.  It’s approx 2km of a steady incline to the top with lots of information and convict markings to be viewed along the way.



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