The Week In Review… 28 August 2016

Wow!  What a week’s it’s been…

Undertaking three courses simultaneously led it to be a week where I had two major assignments and a quiz due.  Crazy, even by my standards!  But when they’re all on something that you love, it makes it easier to push through and meet those deadlines.

As well this week, I was lucky to have an interview on our community radio station, Blue Mountains Radio and I booked in a workshop with the local LGT group which will be an Introductory to Family History.

So when I’ve had some downtime this week, here are some of the things that have captured my attention:


I’m a big advocate for telling people, ‘it’s not all online’ but James Tanner pointed out the wonderful benefits of technology in his post:

Are you trying to locate ancestors in France?  Perhaps Gail Dever’s blog post can help you:

So ‘Who Should You Include In Your Family Tree?  That’s something Amy Johnson Crow talks about on her blog,

The In-Depth Genealogist talks about Genealogy Vacations in part 2 of a 5-part series:

Another timely post on One Name Studies.  I have registered my Lachmund surname but am yet to get it off the ground.  Maybe a project for 2017 and once ProGen 26 is over.




  • Victoria, Australia, Cemetery Records and Headstone Transcriptions, 1844-1997
  • Ireland, Police Gazettes, 1861-1893
  • UK, Merchant Seamen Deaths, 1939-1953
  • 1901 England Census


  • England and Wales Census, 1881

Find My Past

  • Ireland, Outrage reports 1836-1840
  • Middlesex, London, Old Bailey Court records 1674-1913
  • England & Wales Non-Conformist Births and Baptisms
  • England & Wales Non-Conformist Marriages
  • England & Wales Non-Conformist Burial
  • Victoria, Coastal Passenger Lists 1852-1924
  • Britain, Children’s Employment Commission Part 2, 1842
  • Ireland, Children’s Employment Commission Part 2, 1842
  • Britain, Enemy Aliens and Internees, First and Second World Wars
  • Britain, Enemy Aliens and Internees, First and Second World Wars (Browse)


That’s it for this week,

Happy Researching!






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