‘Love What You Do’ Radio Interview

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on my local community Radio station, Blue Mountains Radio 89.1, by Julie Ankers and Peter Hackney for their, ‘Love What You Do’ program.  ‘Love What You Do’ interviews members of the community about their career and the path they took to get to where they are today.

What a perfect opportunity to talk about what I do and my love of Family History! Everybody I know in this profession absolutely loves what they do and are passionate about all things Genealogy.

I thought I would give you my answers to a couple of questions I was asked and my responses.  So here goes…

How did you get into this this profession?

I’ve been working on my own family history since the 1980s. My Maternal Grandmother wanted to find out about her own mother who passed away when Nana was 13.  We went into the State Library in Macquarie Street and looked up records on microfiche cards and through old newspapers.  I was hooked straight away.

Over the years I dabbled in and out of my research and then became serious again in 2003 when I first signed up for ancestry.com and started getting involved with the online Genealogy community.

I’m also a podcast junkie and a few years ago, I came across a great American podcast, called The Genealogy Professional where Marian Pierre-Louis talks to a different professional each month and as I listened my excitement grew about potentially having a career doing something that I love.  As well, on the recommendation of many overseas based Genealogists I signed up for the ProGen study group which is an intense 18 month program supported by the Association of Professional Genealogists and goes more into the business side of Genealogy.

What kind of temperament/personality traits does your line of work require? Who would it suit?

You need to be methodical, organised and have a passion for history.  It does take a lot of patience as well as you can spend a lot of time perusing old record books or newspapers and looking for a name to jump out of you… and good eyesight!

I’ve heard of ex-detectives getting involved in genealogy after retiring as they’ve found their own skill set lends itself remarkably well to genealogy.


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