Review – Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Part of my ongoing education…

This post was inspired by Darren Rowse as part of his ProBlogger Challenge Group.  He asked us to write a review.

It took me awhile to think about what I would like to review as there are so many great tools I use every day in my genealogical life but then I started thinking about how the discipline of Genealogy is one where you are always learning.  As part of my learning, I spend a lot of my spare time listening to podcasts or watching webinars to keep up to date with the ever changing world of Genealogy.

One of the most useful subscriptions I have is to Legacy Family Tree Webinars ( They offer a wide range of webinars on subjects such as Methodology and Skills, Records, Places and Ethnicity, Writing and Publishing, and Technology.  They’re also hosted by many superstars of the Genealogy world including Amy Johnson Crow, John Greenham, Lisa Alzo, Lisa Louise Cooke, Thomas MacEntee, Tom Jones as well as Australia’s own Jill Ball.

The webinars are FREE to watch live but I’ve found it was better for me to take out a subscription which is a very affordable US$49.95 per year (or you can pay per month for US$9.95).  I definitely recommend them to all – not just beginners but also the seasoned researcher.  It gives me access to not only view them live but also to their extensive library which is home to over 550 hours of content so I can either watch them again or catch up on ones that I haven’t seen.

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