Week In Review 17 April 2016

Hi there,

It’s been awhile since I’ve been blogging. In late January, we made a tree-change to the Blue Mountains in NSW and it has taken a lot longer to settle in and get into the swing of things. I thought I would be a lot more organised before now but at long last I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now it’s time to continue blogging on a regular basis and fill you in with the news of the week, researching for my clients and my friends, as well as working full time, studying part time and trying to spend some time on my various writing projects.

Are you one of those people that love to have a lot of projects on the go? I do. Give me ten things to do and I’ll achieve them all, give me one thing to do and it will take me all day.

So first of all some exciting personal news… I found out a few weeks ago that I had been accepted into the Diploma course run by the Society of Australian Genealogists. I’m really excited to be taking part in this course.  It was my third time applying and places are limited and demand high so to finally get the email to advise I will be included this time was such an exhilarating moment. Although I do take on clients in a professional capacity, I believe that having the backing of formal training is imperative for the future of the Genealogy industry. In light of that, as mentioned previously, I am in a ProGen study group which is due for completion in November this year and I take courses through the National Institute of Genealogical Studies. Genealogy is a fast-growing industry and there is something to learn every day. Apart from my studies, I regularly take part in Seminars, Workshops and Webinars which I try to share with my readers.

So on with the update for this week…


As a descendant of the Steeves family, I always follow closely any news of the family. Something that I’ve been keeping an eye on is the endeavour to break a world record this year for being the largest family reunion. Gail Dever discussed it this week in her blog Genealogy a la carte. You can read more here:  http://genealogyalacarte.ca/?p=12454  and for more information about the Steeves family reunion, please see the website:  https://www.steeves250.com/

The Ancestor Hunter reminded us about Ten Clever Ways to Find More Ancestors in Newspapers this week. To download the handy PDF, see http://www.theancestorhunt.com/blog/10-clever-ways-to-find-more-ancestor-articles-while-searching-old-newspapers#.Vw7UndR97Dc

I particularly enjoyed reading about When You’re Adopted, Which Ancestors Do You Choose on The Golden Age of Genealogy blog:  http://goldenageofgenealogy.blogspot.com.au/2016/04/when-youre-adopted-which-ancestors-do.html . My partner is adopted and I have enjoyed tracing all the lines, both biologically and adopted.


I was very excited to see that Unlock the Past will be hosting a History & Genealogy Expo in October in Adelaide, South Australia this year.  Immediately I jumped online to book accommodation and look at airfares, car hire etc.  I haven’t been to Adelaide since I was a child so it will be nice to explore the city.  As well, my Second Great Grandmother on my paternal side, Elizabeth Raymond was born in Brighton, Adelaide, South Australia and I don’t have a lot of information on her so it’s a great excuse to spend some time researching her line prior to my trip.  As she is part of my Rogers line, I’ll also update my family blog on what I find http://www.therogersfamilysite.wordpress.com


It was great to see that Simon Orde, the creator of Family Historian and CEO of Calico Pie, has released a book, ‘Getting the Most from Family Historian 6′. It’s available from Amazon.com in the US, Amazon.co.uk in the UK and Gould Genealogy in Australia. See www.family-historian.co.uk/store/gtmfh6 for more information.


Here is a selection of new and revised databases that I’ve had a look at in the past week:

Australia & New Zealand

Database Record Set Date Range
Ancestry Australia and New Zealand, obituary Index 2004-2015
FamilySearch Australia Victoria Coastal Passenger Lists 1852-1924
Ancestry Australia, World War II Military Service Records 1939-1945

UK & Europe

Database Record Set Date Range
Ancestry Beddington, Surrey, England, Royal Female Orphanage List of Children 1890-1913
Find My Past British Navy & Royal Marines Service and Pension Records 1704-1919
Ancestry England & Scotland, Select Cemetery Registers 1800-2014
Ancestry England, Select Dorset Church of England Parish Registers 1538-1910
FamilySearch Germany Hesse Frankfurt Civil Registration 1811-1814
FamilySearch Germany Hesse Frankfurt Civil Registration 1833-1928
FamilySearch Germany Prussia Pomerania Church Records 1544-1945
Find My Past Society of Friends (Quaker) Congregational Records  
Find My Past Society of Friends (Quaker) School Records  
Ancestry Sutton, Surrey, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1538-1812
Ancestry Sutton, Surrey, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms 1813-1915
Ancestry Sutton, Surrey, England, Church of England Deaths and Burials 1813-1985
Ancestry Sutton, Surrey, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns 1754-1940
Ancestry Sutton, Surrey, England, Electoral Registers 1931-1970
Ancestry Sutton, Surrey, England, Tax Collection Rate Books 1783-1914
Ancestry UK, British Army and Navy Birth, Marriage and Death Records 1730-1960
Ancestry UK, Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths at Sea 1844-1890
Ancestry UK, Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths from British Consulates 1810-1968
Ancestry Web:  Ireland, Calendar of Wills and Administrations 1858-1920
Ancestry Web:  London, England, Proceedings of the Old Bailey and Ordinary’s Accounts Index 1674-1913


Database Record Set Date Range
Ancestry  Canada, WWII Service Files of War Dead 1939-1947

Well, that’s it for now.  Enjoy your week and happy ancestor hunting!

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1 Response to Week In Review 17 April 2016

  1. Congratulations on the course acceptance. Good luck!
    Continuing Professional Development is a constant theme of my working life & I too am trying to increase my genealogy credentials. So difficult though fitting in the learning alongside family, work, personal and client research! Many days I feel there’s not enough hours

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