Tap Into Your Inner Private Eye: 8 Strategies for Finding Living Relatives

Legacy Family Tree Webinar
Presented by Lisa Louise Cooke

The first webinar for the year brought to you by Legacy Family Tree Webinars was Tap Into Your Inner Private Eye:  8 Strategies for Finding Living Relatives presented by Lisa Louise Cooke.

I really love the webinars that this organisation put together and have learnt a lot so far on new techniques from some of the industry’s leading Genealogists. The subscription fee I pay each year is well worth it. Although some of the information is more suitable for the American market, the techniques transfer to all researching their family history and today’s was no different.

Lisa Louise Cooke is one of the rock stars of the industry and always interesting to listen to. I subscribe to her Genealogy Gems podcast as well which is the #1 rating Podcast on iTunes. By using a real life example she takes you through the process of locating a living relative. In fact there weren’t 8 strategies, there were 9 and I got a lot of great tips that I will amend to suit my needs in Australia.

I also need to revisit a couple of Lisa’s webinars on the Family Tree Webinars website: New and Must-Have Google Tips for Genealogy and Using Google Earth for Genealogy as well as Facebook – A Tool for Genealogy Research by Thomas MacEntee (which is a bonus webinar for subscriber).

Lisa mentioned to use techniques similar to a Private Investigator and mentioned the book, Be Your Own Detective by Greg Fallis and Ruth Greenberg which I will check out for my own Genealogy Library.

And the most exciting news? Lisa has a new book coming out! Mobile Genealogy – How to Use Your Tablet and Smartphone for Family History Research. It is available from 15 February 2016 but you can pre-order via Legacy Family Tree Webinars. I’m off to pre-order mine now!

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