North of Ireland Family History Society – Biennial Writing Competition

The Biennial Writing Competition run by the North of Ireland Family History Society (NIFHS) has announced its competition for 2016. The competition encourages people to write their family history stories and this year’s theme is ‘My Family Odyssey’.

The competition is organised by the Belfast Branch of the NIFHS and is for members of the Society worldwide. Marks are awarded for genealogical contents and quality of writing and previous articles have been published in the Society’s journal, North Irish Roots.

As migration has played a major part in the History of the North of Ireland, the organisers would like to see stories that understand the challenges and opportunities that migration presented to families who left their homes in the hope of better opportunities in new lands.

Entry Terms and Conditions

  1. The competition is open to all fully paid up members of the North of Ireland Family History Society.
  2. The entry must relate to your personal family history research primarily in the North of Ireland.
  3. The document should be no more than 5,000 words in length. It may contain maps, photographs and other illustrations to add interest (each of these counts as 100 words towards the total) and lists of family members should be limited to what will be of interest to the general reader.
  4. The judging panel will consist of the office bearers of the Belfast Branch who are the competition sponsors, together with an independent panel member.
  5. No member of the judging panel will be permitted to submit an entry.
  6. The evaluation criteria will be:
    1. Genealogical content (reporting of the history of the family, important life events, etc.) – 50 marks
    2. Quality of presentation (uniqueness, creativity in telling the story, quality of writing) – 50 marks
  7. The winner will receive £100 with second and third receiving £60 and £40 respectively.
  8. Entries will not be returned and contestants must consent to the Society making the document available as a reference resource, which may include publication in ‘North Irish Roots’ and on the Internet. Consequently the author must own the copyright of all material, including illustrations, or else have permission from the copyright owner to republish the entry.
  9. Entries must be received by 3rd April 2016 and a completed entry form must accompany each entry.

For more information, membership details and entry form, please see the website:

via Biennial Competition –

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