What’s On For This Week – 4 January 2016

I always love the time between Christmas and New Year where time seems to move slowly and you lose track of what day it is. I’ve spent my time productively, immersed in the lives of my ancestors. I’ve taken the time to look at the goals I’ve set for myself and broken them down into manageable tasks for each month so they don’t seem as daunting and I can stay on track. I have started the year feeling motivated and inspired. It’s a great place to be.

But today, it’s back to reality and I’m ready to tackle the year ahead.

So what’s on for this week in my world? A lot of studying to be honest. Although I have been providing services as a Professional Genealogist for a few years now, I realise the importance of moving towards certification and so in line with this, last year I joined the ProGen Study Group. I have completed six months and won’t graduate until November this year but I’ve found the assignments, feedback and community of my Study Group invaluable. Some months are tougher than others, but I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. On Saturday I received January’s assignment which looks at first glance to be quite time consuming. As we’re moving homes in the middle of the month, I sat down and began planning my study so I have plenty of time to work on and submit my assignment. As well each month our Study Group meet for a live online chat and the next one is scheduled for this Saturday morning for me where we discuss the assignment from the month before.

Aside from the Study Group, I’m working my way through a Professional Certificate of Learning in Australian Studies with the Institute of Genealogical Studies and another unit of study begins today – I generally try and have two subjects going each month. Between those units and my ProGen studies, it means I have quite a heavy study load some months. But when it’s doing something you love, you can’t complain and every day I learn something new which also benefits my personal research goals and my business.

Another thing I love is the webinars run through Legacy Family Tree. Early last year I subscribed to their website so not only can I watch the free webinars, but I can view previous webinars at my leisure as well as special subscriber-only content. The first one of the year is on Wednesday evening (for my US friends) but at 6am Thursday morning my time. It’s called Tap Into Your Private Eye by Lisa Louise Cooke and I’m really looking forward to it. Here’s the link if you want to join in via Legacy Family Tree Webinars : Tap Into Your Inner Private Eye – 9 Strategies for Finding Living Relatives.

I also have to tell you about a win I had yesterday. We went for a drive to the Southern Highlands to have lunch and called in to see my Dad’s sister who lives close by to where we were dining. It was the first time I had visited her house as I didn’t grow up with my Father and so I don’t know his side of the family as well as my Mother’s side. Apart from that, my paternal Grandmother (June Beryl Kenyon) died before I was born and my Grandfather (Sydney Francis Rogers) died when I was a year old so all the Genealogy work I have done, I’ve worked on myself without any family input. Anyway my Auntie mentioned that it was my Grandmother’s sister’s (Leila Emily Kenyon) birthday this week and that she was turning 100. I surprised her by telling her the date as I’m planning on writing about it for my Family blog later this week. I said to my Auntie that I would love to be able to get in touch with her as I have some questions to ask but sadly she is suffering Dementia and so wouldn’t be able to speak to me. However, my Auntie said that a few years ago she was given family documents including a lot of overseas certificates, from this particular relative and that she would be happy to scan and email them to me so I can have them for my records.  It made a lovely outing even more pleasurable and now I’ll wait patiently for the documents to arrive.

Anyway that’s my news for the up and coming week, what plans do you have?

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