New Services at Branches of Time

In line with my love of finding out the stories behind the names and dates, I’m excited to announce a couple of new services that have been added to the Branches of Time website.

Interviewing Services

Have you ever wished that someone in your family had taken the time to create and leave behind a life story or a journal that would have shared some insights into his or her life?

Do you want to leave your story to future generations? Have you got a relative (or two!) who you would love to sit down with and hear the stories of their life but just don’t have the time to listen and document the important stuff (and the not so important stuff too!). Branches of Time will interview you or your family member and provide a written report.

We can then extend this report with photographs, newspaper articles and historical events to create a beautiful legacy for future generations.

Creating and Collating Family Questionnaires

Are you hosting a family reunion or just want to have all those long-lost cousins fill in the blanks of their branches? Branches of Time can create a questionnaire that is appropriate for your family circumstances, distribute to your family and then handle the collation of the project. From these questionnaires we can provide a bound document either in question and answer raw material format, or write up each person’s story. What a fascinating document to hand down to future generations?

For further information about these or any other Branches of Time services, contact me at

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